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NCadde Corner İstanbul

Another first in Esenyurt from Özyurtlar holding
'Student House’
Ncadde fire Corner plans to be a platform of life in Hotel Quality and home temperature.
A Brand New Life Concept For Young People From Özyurtlar Holding: NCadde Ateş Corner
Invariably Valuable Investment
Özyurtlar Holding is now presenting NCadde Ateş Corner with its innovative approaches and designs, offering a new perspective on the real estate sector and Esenyurt, and offering a unique life concept to the young people of the University.

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As Özyurtlar Holding; We made 80,000 people homeowners on this road that we started in 1990. With our steady rise and professional staff, we built 20,000+ residences on a total area of 2,000,000+m2.