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Human Resources

We are a great team with the values such as honesty, dynamism, speed-adaptation to the changing conditions, work-orientation, and our cornerstones when establishing the team are:

• To hire the right person according to the requirements of the company

• To allow the hired personnel to complete his/her orientation within the shortest time and the most effectively 

• To encourage the individuals to monitor the level of the input that their contributions to the business processes and results provide for the company goals. 

• To ensure the personal improvement of the employees by creating a continuous learning environment, on the course of providing input for the company goals 

• To ensure more success of our employees in their targets by encouraging teamwork with the created working environment 

• To ensure the sustainability of the working environment that supports teamwork, and corporate concern

• To ensure the adoption of the principle of being a continuously developing and getting better through the company

As Özyurtlar Holding; We made 80,000 people homeowners on this road that we started in 1990. With our steady rise and professional staff, we built 20,000+ residences on a total area of ​​2,000,000+m2.