Earthquake Message


The Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake disaster affecting our 10 provinces on February 6, 2023, has shocked us all deeply. As a result of this great tragedy we have experienced in the country, based on the rightful concerns of citizens throughout the country about the buildings they live in, having been operating in the sector for 33 years, ÖZYURTLAR HOLDİNG believes that it is necessary to make a statement about the resistance to earthquakes of the houses we have completed and are continuing to build.

We would like to explain the design and implementation phases related to the projects that we have completed or that we are continuing to build so far in the housing sector.

The ground studies of all our projects have been contracted to companies specialized in the field, and on-site drilling, geophysical measurements, and laboratory tests have been carried out. Projects related to deep excavation and shoring systems calculations have been made by geotechnical author companies. The ground study reports resulting from all the studies carried out have been delivered to the static project author (authorized engineers who have signed the building license and building use license). In line with the results obtained, the requirements for the raft foundation and superstructure were calculated by the static project author, and the structural system of the buildings was determined with the foundation and load-bearing system (Raft foundation, column-beam, and floors), etc. Static projects have been prepared based on these data and submitted for the approval of the relevant municipalities by the authorized responsible engineer, who has signed the building license, in the attachment of the license.

According to the ground study report, all ground improvement works have been carried out when necessary. The type of foundation determined in the static projects in all of our projects is a ‘raft foundation’ with earthquake resistance. In all of our completed and ongoing projects, the load-bearing system is reinforced concrete. (Framed and plated framework system / Tunnel formwork system) Reinforced concrete manufacturing methods vary based on the load-bearing system and are manufactured in conventional formworks or tunnel formworks. The load-bearing elements of all blocks continue from the foundation in a way that protects the integrity of the building.

All of our projects were carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the project construction year and the controls were carried out by the ÖZYURTLAR HOLDİNG technical team during the construction phase of the project. Productions are followed up in full compliance with static projects. All the necessary design works have been completed and all the construction rebars specified in the static projects that have been approved are fully applied in the appropriate size, diameter, and quantity.

The construction rebars coming to the project area are tested for tensile, creep, and breakage by taking samples by the authorized building inspection company approved by the ministry. Controls of iron productions in the project area are carried out by ÖZYURTLAR HOLDİNG technical personnel and building inspection companies approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Concrete casting is allowed after all productions have been approved for compliance with the technical requirements specified in the static project.

The concrete class, too, is determined as a result of static project studies. After receiving the iron delivery approval, concrete casting starts in the concrete class specified in the static project. Also, concrete samples are taken from each concrete mixer that comes to the project area by Licensed building inspection companies assigned to the project by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. These concrete samples are stored in special containers. In order for these samples to be tracked by the ministry, chips with barcodes are placed for each concrete sample in the sample containers. These concrete samples with chips are tested for fracture in concrete laboratories approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on the 7th, 14th, and 28th days. All the results are recorded in the system of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization thanks to the chips placed in the containers while taking samples.

ÖZYURTLAR HOLDİNG has full confidence in its constructions constructed by taking into account the earthquake forces. We would like to express with peace of mind that all our investors who live or are thinking of investing in our residences should know that they are safe and should not be worried.

We hope that our country will never face such torment again and we wish Allah’s mercy to the citizens who have passed away and speedy recovery to injured ones in the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake affecting our 10 provinces.

Best regards…

You can reach the Reinforced Concrete Identity Card of our projects from the links below.

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