Ödül İstanbul Invitation Letter

AnasayfaÖdül İstanbul Invitation Letter


Dear Valued Customer,

First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your belief in us, your trust in our services, and for choosing us as your preferred partner.

In our ÖDÜL İSTANBUL project, the construction of Block E has been successfully finalized, and we are excited to announce that the distribution of individual units will commence on June 30, 2024.

As of receiving this hereby invitation letter, we kindly request you to schedule an appointment either in person or through your proxy by contacting the following phone numbers to arrange a suitable day and time.

To facilitate the delivery of your apartment, we invite you to obtain a 'No Debt Letter' from our Real Estate Department at the Ödül Istanbul project office. Upon securing this document, you may collect your apartment from the site management, providing the requisite documents outlined below.

The commencement date for residency and the start of community life on the premises is scheduled for August 30, 2024.

Dear Valued Customer, in accordance with the terms of the contract you have signed, we kindly remind you to accept the invitation on the specified date. We sincerely appreciate your trust.

Documents Required for Real Estate Delivery;

• Copy of the Title Deed of the Real Estate
• Landlord's Identity Card
• Notarized Power of Attorney (if the real estate delivery is to be conducted by proxy on behalf of the condominium owner

(The power of attorney must include authorization to receive the keys of the independent sections, should they be delivered by the contractor company, with detailed specifications including the address, apartment number, island, plot, and parcel number of the real estate. Additionally, it should grant the authority to prepare and sign the necessary minutes, as well as all official documents and paperwork pertaining to these matters.)

We extend our warmest wishes for a happy and peaceful life in your new real estate.


Best Regards,



Appointment Contact Information for Real Estate Delivery
(+90) 212 967 36 36
(+90) 212 967 63 85
Appointment Contact Information for Single Authorized Sales and Rental
(+90) 536 310 93 04 - Murat Demir

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