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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


As ÖZYURTLAR Group of Companies, with the improving conditions of competition, we pull out all the stops to adapt the current system to the modern management systems in order to meet the current and future demands and expectations of our customers, to achieve institutionalization in all functions and to reach the optimum productivity values in processes and to create a good future.

Since the foundation of the company in 1990, as a company, being band together with its employees, that has achieved a continuous improve, aimed at customer satisfaction in the industry with its production skill it has gained, attained a production and management structure allowing to meet the customers’ expectations within the shortest time due to its flexible production capability, we have adopted as one of our main goals to take part in social responsibility projects.

We have carried out comprehensive and contentful projects, which touch all people in Turkey, in cooperation with the people and institutions who have become brand in the fields contributing international representation of our country.

By this means, we have planned the contribution to the awareness for the importance of the industry and improving our brand in a manner to produce value for our country.

From Culture to Art…


While we continue growing from the point that we have attained in the industry, , we take part in cultural and art events that suit our brand values, from the principle to return to the society what we receive from it.

The projects that we have sponsored in Turkish series-movies and TV industry are Çocuklar Duymas�n, Umut Yolcular�, Passaparola, Yok Böyle Dans Yar��ma Program�, New York’ta Be� Minare and Karaday�, Kelime Oyunu.


From Art to Sports…


In addition to sponsoring the culture and art in order to strenghten, develop the region, and increase its recognition, we, as the brand ambassador of Esenyurt for 25 years, also sponsor the sports and sportsmen.


From Sports to Education and Training


The most important investment is the one that is invested in human and education. The investment made in education will pave the way for the other investments and makes them meaningful.

The Turkish Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Foundation, Istanbul Atasehir Private First Communication Rehabilitation Center, which was founded by Özyurtlar Group of Companies for hearing-impaired children, was put into practice in line with this sensibility. In the school, built on a closed are of 1.100 m², every kind of requirements of the children were considered and the lifts, toilets and ramps were designed accordingly. The center consists of four group education classes, eight individual education classes under the monitor of the psychologists, a 70-person dining room, a teachers’ lounge, and a meeting room. In addition, there are two workshops where needlework and knitting work can be performed, in order to provide an income for the Turkish Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Foundation.


We continue to support education and training for a better future


After founding a kindergarten for hearing-impared children, we now set over to put into practice the Özyurtlar Elementary School.

The foundations of Özyurtlar Elementary School, which will serve for people in Esenyurt, were laid on 19 March 2014 by Necmi Kadioglu, the mayor of Esenyurt and Tamer Özyurt, the head of Özyurtlar Group of Companies. The school consists of 32 classrooms in four floors

Özyurtlar Holding olarak; 1990 senesinde çıktığımız bu yolda 80.000 kişiyi ev sahibi yaptık. İstikrarlı yükselişimiz ve profesyonel kadromuz ile toplam 2 milyon m2 alana 20.000+ konut inşa ettik.